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Recognizing another world

Of all human disabilities blindness is the easiest to comprehend, because we (sighted) can imagine ourselves eventually going blind. We know for a moment how it feels walking indoor from a sunny day, stumbling while going to toilet at midnight, and searching for matchbox when power goes off. This topic of discussion on experience with darkness will open […]

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How to use the tutorials

The tutorials are structured around questions which are based on the common subjects or themes that you wants to capture. Each subject is a challenge, demands different approach based on the need for usage of  non visual senses – far away landscape can’t be touched neither it talks, people can be touch and they talk, flower can be touched, it has scent, movies in […]

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How to take a portrait

Portraits are most common subject of photography, it reflect the personality and mood of the  person.  Traditionally portraits are done in studio environment but it can taken any where like picnic, family gathering, party, school or collage canteen.  Below are steps to take picture of a person Come close to the person and handshake with him and put your hand […]

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How to create pictures using “Light Painting” technique

Pictures with lines of light or “scribbled  light” with black background can be creating by using a variety of light sources (flash lights, light pens, matches, candles, lighter flints and glowstick) shining directly into the camera lens  while the shutter of the camera kept open for few seconds to give long exposure to the film.   Addition light can be used to […]

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How to take picture of a group of people

You have to follow the same steps for taking a single portrait, but there are few extra things to do depending on the size of the group –   Say if group is of  six to eight people, ask them to stand in straight line in two rows. Taller people at the back and shorter people at the front.  You first handshake […]

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How to take picture of still objects

Taking pictures of objects that does not move can be objects at our home, workspace or study place. It can be objects used the blind like white cane, Braille paper and magnifying tools. Imagine you are examining a table at home before taking a picture. A few touches reveal that the table is set for four, table […]

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How to take picture of landscapes

After portrait, landscape is next popular subject of photography. You cannot touch a far away landscapes neither it gives you audio clues, in such situation ask your sighted family, member or friend or sighted companion to describe the landscape to you. Based on initial description of the sighted companion, you should ask questions to him to understand the details and beauty of […]

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How to take picture of flowers

If you good in botany by touch you can know the flower and scent of the flower adds to your judgment. There are simply three ways to capture flowers Touch a flower, go backward 2 – 3 steps and point the camera towards the direction of touch. You may take close-up picture, getting close will […]

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Picture Blog

Visually impaired may e-mail the photographs taken them for uploading in Picture Blog.  Pictures will uploading only if the mail has the the following information – Full Name (do not use fake names) Sex, Age and Place  Nature of Blindness – Born blind, Late blind and Low Vision  Photographer’s statement and experience of taking the picture     File should be in JPG format and maximum of 100KB size Mail […]

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How to take picture of city space

Modern urban space can be easily sensed without sight. The range of touchable spaces and sound generated from  streets, public parks, disco, clubs, eating joins  offer rich tactile and audio input for the blind to capture the harmony and echoes of a modern city. All you need is to keep your mind open to take pictures of […]

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