How to take self-portrait

When a photographer taken his or her own picture it is called self-portrait. To capture a self-portrait one has to keep the camera in self-timer mode or operate the camera with a remote. Also camera should fixed on tripod (stand to hold the camera) or place the camera on raised flat surface like table, shelve or wall. Below are few steps for taking a self-portrait: 

  • Fix the place where you going to stand / sit and feel the space around by touch.
  • Place the camera (after fixing it on a tripod) in straight line with the point where you will stand.
  • Start the self-timer of the camera (it is usually 30 sec) and quickly place yourself at the point you decided to stand / sit. If camera can be operated by remote, after place yourself at the point press the remote button. 

Self-portrait is tricky but reflects many modes.  Several blind photographers use it to reflect relationship and some use it as metaphor. 

Born blind Laura Landry has interesting use of self-timer camera to capture herself with her Golden Labrador named Willow. Looking into each other’s eye, a peaceful, contemplative expression of love and trust. In the word of Laura  “I don’t wake up every day and think about being blind, I live my life, by seeing through the eye of beloved Willow”.

Kurt Weston is a California based fashion photographer who was diagnosed with AIDS. As his immune system deteriorated he started to lose his eyesight and he could no longer continue his work. Although he learned to negotiate his visual loss fairly well, Kurt never dreamed he would ever be able to peer through a camera lens again. But he accepted an invitation in 1998 to do the photography for an art calendar to raise money for a non-profit organization.

Using magnifying devices and special glasses, he achieved some breathtaking self-portrait series titled “Peering Through the Darkness”. It is a literal and metaphoric glimpse at his journey beyond sight. Since then Kurt is actively involved in photography for non-profit organizations to help raise awareness about HIV. Kurt says –  “I guess its God’s little joke, having someone who is blind do so well in the visual arts.”

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