How to take picture of landscapes

After portrait, landscape is next popular subject of photography. You cannot touch a far away landscapes neither it gives you audio clues, in such situation ask your sighted family, member or friend or sighted companion to describe the landscape to you.

  • Based on initial description of the sighted companion, you should ask questions to him to understand the details and beauty of the landscape.
  • Later position yourself with camera to shoot the landscape and as you point the camera, ask to continue describing the changes in landscape like change in lighting or contrast, or flying bird.

These descriptive clues help you to decide when to click. When you are surrounded by a naturals space like a forest during fall, by touching the trees, sound of dry leaves and warmth light (early morning or setting  sun, late evening, night) you will have good idea what the visuals looks like and take judgment to take pictures. Remember to move and change your position to click more pictures than just one frame.

Below is a video on blind photographer working on landscapes with assistance from sighted companion –


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