How to take picture of city space

Modern urban space can be easily sensed without sight. The range of touchable spaces and sound generated from  streets, public parks, disco, clubs, eating joins  offer rich tactile and audio input for the blind to capture the harmony and echoes of a modern city. All you need is to keep your mind open to take pictures of anything that interest you about the city where you live. It can places or people you meet every days going to work, visiting a weekend party.

Imagine you are in a restaurant waiting for your friends to join, you can hear sound of people talking. By listening carefully, from the modulation of voice you can judge the age of people around you. Point the camera towards direction of sound that interest you (may be family get-together of older people or young kids with parents). At times, like this described you can not measure by walking up-down, but rely on your judgment of distance based on the audio input. You need to be like a bat.

Below is a video on blind photographer taking pictures of city space.


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