How to take picture of buildings

Below are few steps to take picture of building that you can touch –

  • Go around the building and touch it as far your hand could reach, this give you some idea about the shape of the building – rectangular, square or hexagonal, also by touch you will have some idea about the material used in the building like concrete, glass panels or steel.
  • Next you need to know the height of the building, since you cannot touch the top of the building ask sighted person around you about the height.
  • Once you know the height now you have to decide how picture of the building should look.
  • There are few options –  1) To take a full picture of the building you have go far away and point the camera towards the building, point the camera upward. 2)  To take a picture of the ¾ of the upper part of the building with some skyline on the top, position yourself around 18-20 steps away from the building and point the camera upward about 120 – 140 degree from the ground. 3)To get more of lower part of the building keep the camera at eye or forehead level. 4) You may even sit on ground close to the building and point the camera upward the upper part of the building. This position will  get you a picture which will show interesting perspective with broader lower of the building which narrow down towards the top. 


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