How to create pictures with illusion

Illusive images are dream like picture created by using special techniques. Although it is easy to create illusion using photo editing software like Photoshop, but photographers still use tradition ways by using pin-hole camera, multiple exposure, negative overlaps, cross processing and infra-red cameras.   

Not many blind photographers around the world use special effect in their work. Creation of visual illusion by late blind photographer is a process of reconciliation between the mental image (in the memory) with mental images created out of visual realist around them. Better the reconciliation, better would be the photographic disclosure and more effective is the message.

Most significant work is of Evgen Bavcar, illusion is his visual signature.   Here is an interesting illusive work of three blind photographers from three parts of the world.        

Evgen Bavcar (Paris), Michael Richard (San Francisco) and Raju Singh(Mumbai), find skillful “inward” reconciliation of mental image and one in the memory to create images of the city they live in. They share a common background of losing sight late in life and taking up photography after becoming blind. This commonness translated into interesting common approach to create multi-layered images.       


 Picture by Evgen Bavcar (Paris)     

 Picture by Michael Richard (San Francisco)   

       Picture by Raju Singh (Mumbai)         

Visual construction of these three images are at per excellence with great sighted photographers around the world. It show the city in a new order of space and scale.  Each of above images is  “visual puzzle” that convey the mysterious quality of our postmodern city both as an experience and a place, that questions us  – “what does the city means and how can one represent it.”         

Evgen Bavcar talk about his work in the video below[youtube][/youtube] 



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