How to take a portrait

Portraits are most common subject of photography, it reflect the personality and mood of the  person.  Traditionally portraits are done in studio environment but it can taken any where like picnic, family gathering, party, school or collage canteen.  Below are steps to take picture of a person

  • Come close to the person and handshake with him and put your hand on his shoulder. This will give you an idea about the height of the person in relation to your height.
  • Ask him to stand still, you go back few steps. While going back make sure you are in straight line with the person. If you are not too sure come back close to him, handshake with him and you go back again.
  • Ask the person to talk. This help you to position the camera based on the direction of sound and you are sure that the person hasn’t left the place.
  • Now based on the sense of height of the person and direction of the sound you will have few options to position the camera – if the person is of your height you may put the camera at the level of your eyes, if the person is shorter than you place the camera at level of your neck and chest or sometime even lower if the person is a child, if the person is taller than you put the camera at the level of your forehead or even higher.
  • Always take more than one picture by changing the position of the camera. 

Depending on whether the person is standing or sitting, you have to position the height of the camera. Also how much you have go back depends on how of the surrounding you want to capture  along with the person.  Less the distance between the person and the camera less surrounding will be captured, far you go from the person more of surrounding you will get. 






Above three pictures taken by visually impaired participating in first session of photography at Blind With Camera workshop. It shows how the position of camera matters and correctness is achieved. In first picture half of the head is cut-off, in second picture forehead and above is cut-off and third is a perfect picture.

Below is a video on blind photographer taking picture of person, it has some funny moments.


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