When we think of sight, we think of light and when we think of a blind, we think of darkness. The partition between light and darkness is natural as the polarity between people with sight and people with blindness is deeply rooted in our historical, psychological and sociological influences. Our cultural emphasis on eye centeredness for interpretation of knowledge, truth and reality make it difficult for us to imagine living without sight.

Photography by the visually impaired is in the remotest of our imagination and most of us are unaware that they can take pictures and also they can be trained in photography like the sighted people. 

Blind With Camera School of Photography is a e-school where people with visually impairment can learn art of photography, upload pictures taken by them, share their point of view and their experience of creation. The school also spreads awareness among general public about the challenges faced by the visually impaired and their sensory substitution – proving that though photography by visually impaired looks difficult, they do it just differently.  

The e-school aims to create a global community where people with visual impairment can learn, enjoy the art of photography and provide a platform to showcase their “inner galley” of images  to the sighted community, and inspire change in the society.     

Curriculum of the e-school focus on creating “first-time” visually impaired photographers, it make them believe that they can take pictures, guide them how to handle a camera, take them through  step-by-step tutorials on how to take pictures, how to use alternative techniques, how to overcome creative challenges and news dashboard on what’s happening in world of blind photographers.  The e-school also encourages and provides guidance to the sighted photographers to become “first-time” trainers to teach photography to the local visually impaired people. It also provides  photo blog for visually impaired,  how to use adaptive tools to take pictures, inspiring facts from history of photography and how eye  disease in great Renaissance painters affected their work.

This website is in compliance with web accessibility standard for the visually impaired.  

Blind With Camera School of Photography is a initiative of Blind With Camera, a project of the Beyond Sight Foundation, India.  

“While working on Blind With Camera project for years I have found so much of ‘sight’ in the core of blindness that I wanted to create a learning platform  for the visually impaired to express visually and encourage sighted photographers to become their trainers and collaborators – helping both the sighted and the blind to find their ‘own’ light.

I hope this virtual school of photography for the visually impaired will go beyond the physical workshops and geographical boundaries to trigger community movement, enrichment and renewal through  imagery, celebrate the human spirit of self-expression and liberate art.”  

Partho Bhowmick,  Founder
Blind With Camera project & Beyond Sight Foundation

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